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An understanding of fabrics and garment construction, an inherent knowledge of silhouettes are things that can be learnt. What makes a difference is if you are natural at the art of clothing. From established fashion designers to students fresh out of design school venturing into the real world, in order to get your designs the recognition that they deserve, it is fundamental that they are displayed at the right medium. Read More

Are you someone who is blessed with a great eye for design? In a world where art is no longer restricted to a canvas, the opportunities are endless. Design, share, get recognised from worldwide clients and sell with no bar earnings- with the correct medium that lets you display your work. From individuals already established in the field to undergraduates or freshers- UEPAKI is your one stop solution. Read More

Structuring, designing and decorating spaces- from houses, shops, restaurants and office spaces to any given building is not child’s play. If you are someone who carries a good eye for complimenting colour hues, textures, all put together with an impeccable sense of style, then you have reached the right place. Read More

If you’re someone with legendary prowess with a make-up brush, someone who aces everything from a cut- crease to contouring, then you’re at the right place. Your ability to make people shine on their special days should not be restricted because of the limitations of advertising and the ancient system of getting work through referrals. Read More

A good camera is not enough on order to click pictures that speak volumes. Knowledge of proper timing and lights, placement and framing techniques and patience- there are numerous ingredients that make a picture memorable. Read More

To be known as a great content writer, you need to have a lot of persistence. The ability to paint images in the mind of a reader requires you to be a great storyteller. You need to master all skills- fantastic grammar, the hint of humor, technical SEO knowledge, Icebreaking titles and a lot of perseverance.Read More


Who we are? What we do?

UEPAKI is an Exclusive online E-commerce marketplace aggregating Professional Sellers and Customers. The Artistic and Talented Designers can offer their services as well as products to customers. UEPAKI being an aggregator manages the flow of information between sellers and customers. We are a seller-oriented portal and only meant for original producers and manufactures.


Why Choose UEPAKI?

A great question! Choose us, because we care equally still being an aggregator. Moreover, we are a seller-oriented portal aggregating exchange of services with a great twist of ecommerce in it.

Fair Competition cycle

A unique new standard of competition designed incredibly for you. Unlike every other portal, we run competitions that will let you compete sellers around the world.

Undergraduate Welcome

Don’t have skills or lack practical expertise to showcase during interviews? Don’t find opportunities to showcase your abilities? Build yourself a live portfolio today with UEPAKI.

Limitless earnings

With UEPAKI, you don’t have to be limited to referrals or invest time in finding ways to brand yourself, we do it for you. Reach clients that you never thought were possible.

Worldwide reach

Currently starting with India but will be very soon worldwide. UEPAKI expects support from all you sellers and looking forward to grow together.

No Paid Promotion

We have one rule, no sponsorship. Earning, promoting wrong is not our motto. Paid Promotions won’t benefit in the long run. Start promoting your skills today, rather buying your business.

How UEPAKI Works?


To step into the world of UEPAKI, all you need is to get pre-registered with us. Choose your domain, look for your field, enter the required details and reserve your spot on our Exclusive Online Marketplace. A one-time option, do pick your category wisely.


Upload your designs & products through your dashboard panel, the access to which will be given very shortly. Start Designing today to participate in the biggest live competition ever. The official launch date of the product will be declared pretty soon.


With UEPAKI, you will get access to reach potential customers & businesses around the country. Offer your customised designs, products or services to customers. Dedicate your precious time in laying emphasis over artistic designing and earn with no bars.


Offer exceptional customer services. Get excellent ratings & reviews and compete with your fellow contenders within your category & get promoted to higher levels. Simultaneously, participate in competitions held at global levels and achieve unimaginable benefits.
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Participate in our Quarterly competition cycles executed monthly; Climb the Social & Corporate Ladder and Unlock the Incredible Surprises UEPAKI Has in Its Pockets. Embark footprints over the entire world with UEPAKI’s personalised branding support.

Pre-Registration Fee

Pre- Register with us today & get your subscription fee waived off for the first 3 months.



Totally meant for the undergraduates who are about to enter the corporate world.

  • Income Group 0
  • Experience Nil
  • Projects Value Upto 10k


Recommended to the Experienced struggling Designers who are unable to make grounds in the market.

  • Income Group ₹500000
  • Experience UPTO 5 YEARS
  • Projects Value 10k-5Lac


Perfect for well established Designers who have proven their competence, yet curious to attain heights and grab worldwide market.

  • Income Group > ₹500000
  • Experience > 5 Years
  • Projects Value > ₹500000

Our Team

He is the Founder and CEO of UEPAKI, started from his dorm room in 2018. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he is specialised in international business development and looks after all the departments. He is a serial Entrepreneur, connector, catalyst and bridge builder. Being highly creative & agile, his sense of initiatives and achievement make him stand out of the crowd. He recently completed his PGDM in Finance & Operations.

She is the founding partner at UEPAKI. She assumes the role of Project Lead, Graphic Designer & Art Director, among other roles, and looks after developing and marketing a product that enables talented professionals and businesses to seamlessly find each other and work successfully together on projects, large and small. Her art of intuitive visionary and her go-getter personality makes her stand unique. She holds a diploma in Graphic and Web Design .

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