Why Choose us

UEPAKI aims to nurture young and talented designers and artists spanning from different corners such as Graphics, Interior, Make-Up artist, Photography and Fashion by providing them the means to rule the present world with their innovation and creativity. An atmosphere of constant competition ensures that only the best and most deserving emerge at the top.

We aim to link upcoming and talented designers to not just their potential customers, but also to their guides in the industry, and future employers.

Here are the key reasons why we are best placed to enhance your business performance and financial position.

Fair Competition Cycle

A unique system of rating that let you compete designers share same expertise: Author Alexander Dumas famously said, “The merit of all things lies in their difficulty”. Followers of the economic concept of Perfect Competition, we believe that excellence in quality should be the only criteria that creates any kind of industrial hierarchy. In order to achieve the same, UEPAKI endorses a regime of regular and systematic competitions, The Competition Cycle.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Systematic and regulated categorie: Designers who enroll with us will be competing with other designers in their own categories and will subsequently be promoted to higher levels. This gives them a renowned chance to compete with not just their contemporaries, but also with stalwarts in the industry.
  2. Regulated Timelines: Our timelines are strictly regulated. Every three months, our participants will go through The Competition Cycle in their own category. Thus, four times a year, designers on UEPAKI will be re-evaluated and positioned on the multiple levels according to their performance in The Competition Cycle.
  3. Utmost Transparency: The Competition Cycle will rate individuals based only upon their performance. Scores will be routinely visible upon the platform, thus ensuring complete transparency. If you are one of those creative designer title holders at the top, we push your name to the world's headlines by listing you at the end of every cycle.

Get ready for the biggest battle ever, a battle which will soon embark its footprints over the entire world. Pre-register today, Get yourself ready for this incredible live competition before it is launch at the world stage.

Worldwide reach:

Being a platform with world-wide presence, every designer present on UEPAKI will have the chance to compete with their counterparts sitting anywhere in the world. After clearing a certain level, the various designers on our platform will also be able to participate in competitions held at a global level, thus expanding the scope of their reach beyond territorial boundaries. We aim at providing a world-wide system that lets our designers grow organically, while simultaneously boosting their income.

Undergraduate Welcome:

An added push for College students. We understand that in any field, it is the beginners who need the most infrastructural support. It is for this very reason that we wish to integrate colleges with UEPAKI, and find a way wherein Colleges can also be promoted organically with the performance of their student designers. Thus, not just students, but colleges themselves can also benefit from UEPAKI’s brand value.

No Paid Promotion:

We mean business when we say that we want talent and creativity to be the only driving factors of why people visit our website. We promise to always remain clear of paid promotions and sponsorships. Our founders, who are staunch advocates hard work & creativity, value have designed the Competition Cycle to ensure that all designers grab positions based only on their performance. Individual clients and corporates alike can now hire designers by assessing their quality.

Limitless earnings:

With UEPAKI, we don’t want you to limit yourself to referrals and industry connections. Now, you don’t have to invest time thinking ways to brand yourself, we will do it for you. Reach potential customers and businesses around the world. UEPAKI even gives an Exclusive chance to learn from Industry Experts at the same time, thereby earning big. UEPAKI has bigger plans and incredible surprises for you in its pockets, details of which will be announced at the exclusive launch of the website.