Frequently Asked Questions

UEPAKI is an online marketplace aggregating Freelancer and Customers. The Artistic and Talented Freelancers are available to offer their services and products. Any user registered with can post short- or long-term requirements and can choose Freelancer perfect for them. By this kind of mutual arrangement employers can pick the most skilled freelancer in their budget. We are not a party to any contractual agreements between Buyer and Seller in the online venue, we merely facilitate connections between the parties.

Connect Zone is a single place of communication between the Freelancer and Client regarding any particular Project or Service. All Communications, Tracking, Commitments, , Milestones,etc. can be found here.

Designer if want to deliver more than one service has to made different accounts for each service offering. With different accounts customer can than handle their accounts in different dashboard.

Yes Designers have to pay separately for every service offering they are interested in.

Customer/Employer will assure you through advance pay and service agreement.

Designer can submit from the list of Identity proof given as option on website, issued and recognisable by Government of their country. Silver Category Designers need to submit their college identity cards.

Designers on pre-Registration will be offered 25% Discount on their subscription fees for 6 months. Also UEPAKI will be selecting first 10000 designers for the very first competition cycle. Designers who registered afterwards though get the chance to participate in the competition and earn but won’t get awarded for their performance. However their performance will be evaluated for next competition cycles. Sellers are thereby advised to register themselves soon and participate in the competition cycles.

Those Designers who have participated in 6-8 competition cycles and have performed among the top few will be getting awarded.

UEPAKI will be looking to launch website on the successful registration of very 1st20000 Designers.

No, UEPAKI won’t refund any pre-registration amount as suitable benefits are already offered.

GST amount won’t be returned back by UEPAKI, however Sellers can take credit of that amount during their GST return filings.

Services once subscribed can be cancelled but no amount will be refunded back.

UEPAKI will evaluate designer scores on the basis of Ratings, Reviews, Comments, Referrals, Projects Completed and Returns & Cancellations.

You can’t cancel the project once accepted. If any such grievances found on your end, UEPAKI can fine penalty and fees. UEPAKI can even cancel your subscription. However in case of any Natural cause, UEPAKI can handover project to other Designers and will mark the project as cancellation on your end.

UEPAKI will be analysing works of every Designers. If UEPAKI finds dublicacy or multiple uploading of works, UEPAKI holds right to suspend Designer from portal.

Under such circumstances the amount in security deposit will be transferred after deducting commissions to Designers account.

NO, as per the category u will fall in UEPAKI will charge subscription fees from you.

UEPAKI welcomes your decision in case you get promoted but don’t want to subscribe to higher packages. However, the same doesn’t hold in case Designers get demoted as per their performance in that competition cycle.

UEPAKI milestones framework has been divided into three consecutive cycles of payments. At the Initial phase where customer is going to book/order designer services 30% payment of the project/ product need to be paid to UEPAKI as per MOD concept. The second phase involves a payment of another 50% of the product. The third phase will involve payment of rest amount which customer need to transfer to UEPAKI at the time of delivery of product/services. NOTE: The payment at the final phase can be paid via cash (amount not greater than 25000) or by visiting MY ORDERS section under Account Section on the Website. UEPAKI holds the right to charge its commission and all other subsequent charges from the final payment in its second payment transfer to Designers/Artists.

These three milestones stages will be applicable to all designer services. Customer need to pay these amount on times to avoid any delay in delivering product/services. For any delay customer will be the one who will be responsible for bearing the late delivery of product or services. UEPAKI will not be responsible for any such grievances, however UEPAKI will time to time send reminder mails for timely payment.

1. Kindly note: Designers on successful completion of 1st milestone will be getting 20% of the amount charged from customers at every milestones. For e.g. If UEPAKI is charging 30% from Customers at first milestone then Designer will be getting 20% of those 30%. Rest amount will be held in Safety Deposit Account. (However If Designers want any amount which they require to get the project done then amounts can be claimed by raising invoicing to customers and get it approved. Admins on getting confirmation from customers end will then be able to transfer the needed amount).

2. If not approved by customers, then at the completion of next milestone Designers will be getting the left 80% during the first milestones plus 20% of the amount charged from customers during the second milestone. Designers can again raise the invoices to customers and submit the approved invoices to UEPAKI. This process will be followed at successive milestones. This is done on account of limiting Designers withdrawing from the project and causing customer dissatisfaction. UEPAKI will be deducting a commission of 10 % at every milestones for the services rendered.

3. We understand it might be unjustified to ask undergraduates & struggling Designers to submit security amount at the very first but since we don’t discriminate. On the other hand customer’s safety do matters. Therefore, in order to avoid Designers withdraw from the project in between or any grievance we will be holding a 10% amount from Designers first and successive projects, a max amount of INR 20000 to be kept as security deposit with us. The same will be handed over without any deduction when the Designer cancel his/her registration with us.