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Planning to Start Your Freelance Photography Business? Here are some amazing tips.

By: Sahil Mittal | Date : 25 Apr 2020 | Category : Photography

Date : 2 years ago

Does having a good camera enough to capture sound and quality photographs? If it is so, then any common man could have clicked thousands of beautiful, artistic pictures and would have become industry known. But the truth holds, in order to be a quality photographer you need to have proper knowledge of fixations, timing, lights, placement, and framing techniques to make any picture memorable.


The advertising industry today brings immense opportunities for people who are passionate about clicking aesthetic pictures. All you need is to be highly dedicated and patient to rise as a Pro-photographer in your career. The recent digitalization has driven the majority of customers towards online web and internet space.

With the arrival of trending digital applications like Tiktok, Vigo, etc, customer behavior has been totally seen driven towards art & digital space. With so much advancement in technological space, the market has immense opportunities for aspiring candidates possessing huge creativity, talent, and the urge to grow. The market today brings enough exposure for freelance photographers in the industry.

According to Global Digital Marketing's latest statistics, the digital photography market accounted for $79.12billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $149.95 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. Even with such incredible stats, we find the majority of freelance photographers struggling to find their very first client in the market. This has been majorly on account of a lack of potential mediums to let you connect with potential customers around the world.

Today, we list out some amazing tips on how to start a photography business this 2020.

1. Decide your niche, kind of photography you want to specialize in:

Never ever try to specialize in every photography verticals booming in the industry. At times, we see photographers entering genres in the product, portrait, wedding, event, or stock photography all at a once. This wouldn’t be a nice decision at all. Always start your career with a single photography vertical and market it across the industry to grow your freelance photography business. After you grow at a certain level, scale your business into other verticals as well.

2. Grow your Online Presence; Build Yourself a Brand Name:

With more than 4.54 billion customers marking an online presence over web and internet space, it has become extremely important for freelance photographers to grow their online presence.

A lot of other times we find photographers confused about whether to go for online marketplaces or e-commerce websites. To understand the pros and cons of operating on either go through our amazing article Ecommerce Websites vs Online Marketplaces to understand the same.

3. Invest in quality equipment.

Your standard in the market will always be evaluated by the quality of equipment you carry in your bag. Always invest in quality gadgets like lenses, memory cards, tripods, reflectors, diffusers, and flash. Customers today are highly choosy when it comes to getting quality and creative photographs.

In order to grab potential clients for freelance photography business, photographers have to fully equipped with quality cameras and laptops. In case you didn’t find money to buy these expensive gadgets, we recommend photographers to rent these from senior photographers for a time being. You can even form a team with your fellow photographers to invest in these gadgets.

4. Design yourself an online portfolio. Traditional Portfolios don’t work anymore!

Yes, you heard it right! With almost 4.54 billion people active internet users as of January 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population, the customer today value businesses that exhibit a strong online presence. Customers today browse at least a 4-5 photography portfolio before hiring any photographer for their project.

We recommend photographers to design themselves an online portfolio on major platforms available in the industry. Some of the amazing platforms include Behance, Wix, Squarespace. Designers can even join online marketplaces like Urban Company and UEPAKI to build themselves an online Live Portfolio.

5. Join Online Marketplaces for better visibility.

With the majority of online platforms adopting paid marketing strategies into their funnel, we recommend photographers to join online platforms that work on no paid promotion policies, thereby saving tons of money in your pocket. It sufficiently increases your chances to get hired for quality projects and leads.

To understand the detailed advantages and disadvantages of operating on either of the two read our article Ecommerce websites vs Online Marketplaces to understand the same.

6. Don’t forget to take the client's testimonials.

Customers today believe in online reviews and ratings more than personal word of mouth marketing. We thereby recommend freelance photographers to always ask for client testimonials and ratings. This won’t only allow you to create large potential audiences but will benefit you build trust and ranking among local clients and businesses.

Also, always try to deliver more than your customer expectations. It will help you enjoy quality referrals and recommendations.

7. Give quality time on your photography skills rather than looking for clients & referrals.

Always invest the majority of your time in learning new techniques and skills for your freelance photography business. At times, we find the majority of photographers laying emphasis overpaid promotions and marketing to get themselves new clients for the business.

We recommend you to join organic marketplaces to showcase your true potential to clients and businesses without making any hole in your pocket.

8. Participate in Live contests for improvisation and raising standards.

Making a move as a freelance photographer is extremely difficult, especially when there are thousands of photographers every day joining the freelance industry. Always participate in online contests and events as this will help you show your existence in the market. This will help you earn big rewards and recognition among celebrity photographers and professionals.

9. Master proposals, invoicing, and paperwork.

Whether you are working online or offline always master the art of dealing with customers. Always raise proper invoices for any service delivered to your customers in advance. It decreases your chances of getting cheated by your customers. Abiding by rules and regulations will even save you from any mishappening and fraud.

We know the market today has grown immensely competitive, but this has even increased your chances of earning potential money. We even recommend photographers to avoid platforms that operate on bidding concepts as this makes you deliver your services at below-market costs. Always deliver as per industry-standard rates and still being freelance photographers never ever compromise with your efforts and hard work.


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