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Planning to Start Your Freelance Makeup Artist Business? Here are some amazing tips.

By: Charu Jain | Date : 25 Apr 2020 | Category : Beauty & Makeup

Date : 2 years ago

Over the years of practice, if you have learned the quality traits and techniques require to rise as a Pro- Makeup artist then it’s the perfect time to launch your freelance makeup artist business. The freelance industry is already booming around the world. With more than 50 million people in the US opting for freelancing as their full-time career option, it has become the choice of every young aspirant. Off course who doesn’t like to be his/her own boss.


Freelancing has not only given employment to millions of professionals but has given a whole new definition to the industry. To rise as an experienced makeup artist, you have to be excellent with the art of highlighting cheekbones, applying prosthetics, perfecting the Smokey eye, and creating a perfect look. A makeup artist should carry a perfectionist attitude with a steady hand and an eye for makeup artistry.

The global beauty industry has totally revolutionized over these years. As per the latest valuation, the global beauty industry stood at $532 Billion in 2019. The Indian beauty industry, on the other hand, is currently valued at $6.5 Billion and is expected to exhibit a tremendous growth of 22% by 2025. It brings a world-class opportunity for expert beauticians and makeup artists to push their dreams and start working towards their freelance makeup artist business today.

Despite such incredible industry stats, we still find the majority of freelance makeup artists yet struggling to find clients in the market. This has been majorly on account of unavailability of potential mediums to access available jobs in the market. Today customers before hiring any makeup artists browse at least 4-5 makeup artists work over the internet and web.

On the one side where traditional marketing strategies have become totally useless, it has become extremely difficult for makeup artists to take their freelance makeup artist business to the next level.  The majority of online players, on the other hand, have totally adopted paid marketing strategies in their funnel.

Then, how to become a makeup artist in 2020? Here we list out some amazing tips that will surely help on how to start a cosmetic business.

1. Google Business Listing:

Google handles more than 2 trillion searches per year. According to the latest global stats, Google holds a 98.73% stake in searches around India. While local searches account for a majority 46% it brings an excellent opportunity to target local crowd through Google Business Listing.

 Pro-Tip: For individuals and businesses who don’t find sufficient funds to set up a professional boutique store can start operating from their home. You can either set up a beauty salon at your home or can opt for door-to-door services. Customers too prefer home basic services which then creates an amazing opportunity for freelance makeup artists to earn a little more.

2. Invest in Your Kit:

When it comes to skincare, customers are very particular about beauty products and brands. Always take care to maintain a perfect mixture of quality, multifunction, and sanitation while making a perfect makeup artist kit. Creating sultry eyes, perfect blushed cheeks, and luscious lips should be your all-time goal.

Pro-Tip: While making a start, concentrate more on quality than pricing. Build your kit that can help you do great applications over a range of makeup styles without breaking the bank. Focus on maintaining quality, sticking to the essentials at the same time. Also, build your kit keeping your target audience in mind.

For e.g. Getting hired for a modeling project, will demand the use of bold and glittery products makeup products while for a wedding project you can make use of neutral and matte shadows.

3. Join Online Marketplaces:

During these years, customers have totally moved to online web and internet space. With the majority of people making online choices for desired products and services, it has become relatively important to build an online presence. On the other hand, when online businesses have limited organic reach it has become extremely confusing to make a choice between Online Marketplaces Vs Ecommerce Websites.

We recommend makeup artists to still join online marketplaces as the majority of customers trust big brands when it comes to online transactions. Also, since people browse more than 4-5 designs before making a purchase it will be better to showcase your work on online portfolio websites.

4. Blog as often as you can:

Blogging has emerged as a very meaningful conversion strategy for freelance makeup artist professionals. Makeup artists through effective blogging can share their incredible beauty insights, makeup tips, feature quality products, that can help them grow the audience for their freelance business. You can even get quality interns for your business through makeup tutorial classes.

Pro-Tip: Grow quality audience, share meaningful insights, offer some free makeup tutorial classes to your audience. After earning a few customers, you can offer them some paid makeup tutorials and whosoever you find creative and interested try to turn them into quality interns.

5. Network with other renowned professionals.

Yes, you heard it right. Rather than looking for referrals and recommendations from friends and family members all the time, we recommend makeup artists to network with other service professionals in the industry.

In order to get yourself perfect makeup artistry jobs, build connections with notorious Fashion Designers, Stylists, Models, Photographers around your industry. Quality networking with other professionals can let you enjoy quality referrals and recommendations. This will even increase your chance to enter other verticals as well.

Pro-Tip: Join online platforms like UEPAKI that can help you connect with professionals in other industries as well.

6. Participate more & more in Live contest.

Investing a few bucks in online contests can be really helpful. Participating in online competitions can help you draw industry experts and celebs attention towards your brand. This brings a quality chance to make a stand among top professionals in the industry.

7. Build effective communication for client referral.

Patience is the key valuable trait when looking for success in a makeup artist career. A makeup artist needs to be very tactful maintaining decorum of his/her professional persona. A makeup artist has to deal with different kinds of customers, flip-floppers all the time. The core competency of makeup artists lies in being aesthetically sound.

Pro-Tip: Network with other makeovers and hair professionals in your industry, form a team, and get hired for big corporate and wedding events.

8. Get featured on effective channels.

Social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, P-interest, and various aggregators platforms can be really effective in growing a huge customer base. We recommend sellers to join online aggregators in place of social media players as the majority of customers are scared of the fraudulent online transactions and prefer marketplaces with secured gateways.

With online businesses adopting paid promotions and sponsored ads as effective marketing strategies, resulting in the advertisement of wrong products and services, customers are more inclined towards organic advertising. We recommend sellers to join online aggregators like UEPAKI that follows strict No-paid promotion policy. Check our amazing article Top 10 ways to market yourself as a Freelance Makeup Artist.

9. Build an Online Portfolio for yourself.

As per the recent stats, there are currently 4.33 Billion active internet worldwide users who perform 3.5 billion unique searches every day. 57% of the entire world population has internet access. With the majority of customers preferring makeup artists that have an online presence over the web, we recommend makeup artists to build an online portfolio. Check our amazing article Best Platform to Build an Online Makeup Artistry Portfolio to know about excellent platforms worth to try in 2020.

Pro-Tip: Also, when making an online portfolio, consider platforms that give you operational features to instantaneously connect with customers.

10. Build yourself an online website:

In an alternative to Online Aggregators, you can even design yourself an online website. For this, you can network with quality graphic designers & web developers or simply do it through online platforms like Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace.

However, as per google's latest stats, only 0.78% of people click on something available on the second page. On the other hand, online marketplaces easily capture top positions on account of huge income and expense potential. With continuous bidding on top keywords, they don’t allow individuals to drive online customers to their businesses. We advise artists to rent out a desk as per your timings in any beauty salon of your choice.

Since there are thousands of makeup artists moving to the freelance industry, we recommend to first grow a huge potential audience for your business and then focus on driving profits for your business. For newbie makeup artists we recommend keeping your charges moderate at the start. Also, never charge less than industry-standard payouts as this will create a challenge for you to raise your prices in the near future. So, these were some crazy insightful tips from our side. We hope you like them.

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