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Planning to Start Your Freelance Architect Business? Check out these amazing tips.

By: Charu Jain | Date : 25 Apr 2020 | Category : Interior & Architecture

Date : 2 years ago

The history of architecture marked its presence right from the time of Romans and the Ancient Greeks. The classical architecture of the Greeks and the engineering capabilities of the Ancient Egyptians became the base of this historic change over the years. Today, behind the modern skyscrapers, cubic designs of Bauhaus, and the materialistic structures lies the incremental designs and hard work of the renowned architects.


As an architect, starting your architecture business demands strong technical and designing skills. Being an architect, if you believe you have a knack for designs, the art to make any design functional by incorporating structural, mechanical & electrical elements then starting your own architect studio can be the best decision ever.

For beginners, starting an architect studio is always challenging. Setting up an excellent studio right in the heart of the city, sourcing funds, hiring quality team members, managing day to day operations, employee’s salary, collaborating with the right developers and contractors is always a herculean task. With so many freelance architecture jobs available in the market, we find the majority of freelance architects struggling to find their very first client. According to IBIS World's latest report, the architecture industry is expected to grow by US$317 billion by 2020.

As per the Statista Report, the growth rate of the construction industry across India was estimated to be 5.65 percent from the fiscal year 2015 to 2020, up from about 2.95 percent from the fiscal year 2010 to the fiscal year 2015. GDP From Construction in India increased to 2601.70 INR Billion in the fourth quarter of 2019 from 2448.63 INR Billion in the third quarter of 2019. Check out some amazing tips on how to become an architect of the next level. 

1. Decide your niche at the very first:

 The majority of the time we find freelance architects and businesses doing a big mistake, entering into multiple niches during the start of their journey. Following such practices won’t only decrease your chances to end up with no clients but can even hurt your presence in the market. This will create utter confusion among customers about your business profile and all your marketing efforts will squander.

1. Build yourself a Brand:

Your stand in the industry will be evaluated by your brand presence. According to CrowdSpring, 77% of consumers make purchasing decisions because of the brand. Start your career by choosing a techie and catchy name for your brand. Remember to choose a brand that resembles your business identity and should be easy to understand and pronounce.

Design creative logos, flyers, brochures to market your business among your target crowd.

Always invest in quality graphic designers for the job. Never mistake doing it on your own as every design vertical has its own principles and technicalities. Creating your brand is a one-time investment and as a design professional, you should understand the theory of designs.

2. Understand a client requirement:

Always invest quality time in understanding a client's requirements. After gathering the detailed insights into aesthetics and design requirements from the customers, start preparing a detailed plan for the project keeping in mind the municipal norms. Representing your plans before the client in a 3D structural view can increase your chances to get hired, side by increasing the trust and authenticity in the customer's eyes.

After getting your designs approved, proceed by framing prototypes for the design model. Divide the project into milestones and calculate your estimated cost by calculating the required manpower, business hours, designing, and consultancy cost, if any. Charging customers over milestones will generate more trust and genuineness in the customer's eyes.

3. Charge your clients as per their spending horizon:

Never limit dealing with customers in a single tier-group. It will create a sense of dependency and can make you walk barefoot in hard and crucial times of life. We recommend freelance architects to build a potential audience in all-tier groups.

We know you might be finding it stupid, taking small projects once you are among top renowned professionals in the industry. But, since professional’s charge on the number of allotted manhours and efforts, we recommend businesses to calculate their cost on the same parameters for small projects as well.

4. Hire Quality team members:

Structuring & constructing quality houses, shops, restaurants or office spaces is not a matter of a single day. Delivering an architecture project demands a quality team member's efforts and hard work. Starting with mechanical drawings, constructing, designing, and delivering need quality and efficient team members.

Architects, in order to scale their architecture business, should hire interior decorators, designers, home stylists to represent a world-class team for customer projects. Housing every member within the team itself will on the one side benefit customer get all his requirements delivered on the same window and as businesses, you can enjoy some extra bucks in your pocket.

With the design keeps on revolutionizing customer demands too keeps on changing. Professionals, in order to get repetitive freelance architecture jobs, can partner with creative graffiti and calligraphy artists which can then help them deliver exceptional fine services to the customers.

5. Design yourself an online portfolio:

With almost 4.54 billion people active internet users as of January 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population, the customer today value businesses that exhibit an online presence.  Today every customer before finalizing any business checks its credibility and potential samples on the internet and webspace.

With over 3.5 billion searches every day, customers today prefer businesses that showcase an online presence over online marketplaces or search engines. Social media players like Instagram and P-interest serve as a good search option for customers but on account of the unavailability of secured payment gateways, they instead prefer online marketplaces.

We recommend joining some top job boards, or online marketplaces like UEPAKI, Urban Company, etc, which are totally meant for architectural professionals. The freelance professionals who have their major personal savings can opt for eCommerce websites designed for themselves. To understand the basic difference between the two read our article Online Marketplaces Vs Ecommerce Websites, to understand the detailed insights to both.

6. Promote your business on social channels:

Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 45% of the current population (Emarsys, 2019). A large number of customers spend their entire day browsing all social channels.

Customers even browse architects and interior design professionals work over social channels like Instagram, P-interest, etc. You can even earn customers for your businesses by promoting yourself on social media channels.  There is only a single drawback since the majority of social channels operate on paid marketing strategies now, you need to invest major of your savings to get potential leads for your business.

But with social media platforms adopting paid marketing strategies, building a strong online presence is now a competitive and herculean task. Joining online marketplaces like UEPAKI can be an excellent way to find potential leads and save tons of money into your pocket.

7. Collaborate with Interior Stylists & Designers:

With the industry trends keep on revolutionizing every now and then, customers today have become extremely choosy when it comes to getting their architecture projects done by the quality and trained professionals. This has created enough freelance architecture job opportunities in the market.

In order to deliver creative and unique designs, freelance architects need to collaborate with interior designers, decorators, and interior stylists in the industry. This will help you deliver incredible experiences to your customers making you earn some extra credit points.

8. Always deliver on time:

Customers today value businesses that are very firm about their commitments and timelines. So, when it comes to delivering your promises, always act dedicated and firm about delivering your project. Dividing your project over milestones can be really super beneficial here as if in case there come any chances for the delay in delivering projects, customers can be convinced and compensated for the same.

Delivering projects on time, on the other hand, can help you earn some extra brownie points for your business. You can enjoy some extra tips, referrals, and recommendations earn for your business.

9. Keep yourself updated:

The architecture industry has majorly evolved a lot many over these years. From ancient Egypt frameworks to the latest Bauhaus designs, designs keep on changing every now and then. Customers, too keep on demanding the latest designs and trends for their homes, offices, restaurants, and buildings.

Professionals, in order to scale their businesses and be in the competition, need to keep themselves updated with all the recent trends and happenings in and around your industry.

To know about the excellent ways to keep yourself updated check out these excellent ways to Stay Up to Date with Latest News & Trends.

Bonus Tips from Our Side:

In order to rise among your fellow professionals and competitors here are some excellent tips that will surely skyrocket your architecture and design business. Network with professionals in other renowned industries as well. Partnering with design professionals in art, fashion and graphic space can be really beneficial.

As a freelance architect, you can collaborate with graffiti & doodle artists to decorate interior walls and designs for your customers. This will create an amazing experience for your customers. You can even partner with interior stylists and home décor professionals to customize your customer requirements as per their taste and selection.

Follow these incredible tips for your freelance architect business. Also participate in online forums, discussion boards, communities to share your thoughts and ideas with fellow professionals. Do participate in online competitions held worldwide as this will increase your presence among top industry experts and celebs. Your chance to rise as a successful freelance architect will totally depend upon your dedication and efforts towards your dream career.

If you enjoy reading this article, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. I will be happy to hear from you.