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5 Outstanding Reasons to Sell Through an Online Marketplace in 2020

By: Charu Jain | Date : 10 Sep 2019 | Category : Business

Date : 2 years ago

The ease of selling on marketplaces have made the life of thousands of potential sellers successful across the world. Expand your reach to international pace, start selling with an online marketplace today! Here we list out 5 important reasons worth considering.

1615529768sell online.jpg


As per the latest stats, $2.03 trillion spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces in 2019. Isn’t it amazing, let us talk about the benefits of selling on marketplaces;

Reach Huge Audience

Selling on E-commerce Marketplaces let you enjoy potential customers around the world, without any marketing efforts. This not only saves you time and cost but also benefits in targeting audiences in different segments as well. With excellent customer care services these marketplaces reduce all your customer dealing problems and let you scale large.


It's easy to create your online store and saves you from extra costs incurred while setting up your personalized websites. You don’t need to hire individuals to look after your inventory, marketing, customer support, development, and designing cost and this saves you ample money.

International Reach

One of the very exciting things about online marketplaces is their operability in multiple countries, which makes it extremely beneficial for sellers to reach audiences in other countries as well. This will certainly add a bunch to your income, it will even help in getting international fans and significant ads to your branding as well.

Passive Income

Even you have a service-based business, online marketplaces can help you reach a wider audience and sell them your digital products. On the other hand, from marketing your products to getting them delivered to customers are managed by online marketplaces, it saves you from extra costs incurred and that lets you enjoy passive income.

Save Inventory & Shipping Costs

Customers today are highly impatient when it comes to getting their products delivered to them. Sellers need to have excellent shipping services, for which there comes the demand for setting a good inventory management system. Selling your products on these marketplaces saves you from some extra pile of money and delivering the best quality services.


We often see, small & big businesses, individual creators including big brands, designers, artists, freelance professionals, and service providers spend humongous amounts of money on their promotion – offline and online. How visible you are to the customer and have a direct bearing on your market performance. Our policies of no paid promotion mean there is an equal stage and exposure for each designer, artist, individual businesses & independent service providers- regardless of their reach or name in the market or brand value.

Online Selling Sites, Freelance Portal, Services based businesses often eat up a major chunk of your revenue, in terms of commission and paid promotions. Often designers & artists are charged for the fault of the customer. Driven by their profit-oriented motives, these platforms are only looking for ways to maximize their revenues- regardless of your long- term goals. They have complete control over your visibility, often favoring certain producers over the others. Having no regard for your intellectual property rights, these websites freely allow counterfeit manufacturers to sell copies of your original designs.


As a platform designed for the benefit of designers, artists, individual service providers and creators, our foremost objective is to help you in maximizing your profits and create your own brand value, not just within the country, but also internationally. By providing an equal stage to each and every designer, artist, and creator on UEPAKI, we guarantee an environment of perfect competition.

 In order to facilitate the free flow of opportunities, the platform caters majorly to six verticals – Fashion Design, Interiors & Architects, Graphic, Art & Web, Makeup, Photography & Content Writers. Since we aggregate the exchange of both products & services between sellers & customers, we are not like any other freelance or E-commerce marketplace. Join the Exclusive Marketplace today and register yourself for the biggest Live Competition ever. Avail Pre-Registration benefits by signing up today! Check out the Exclusive Platform today.


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