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Planning to Start Your Freelance Photography Business? Here are some amazing tips.

By: Sahil | Date : 04 May 2020 | Category : Photography

Date : 3 years ago

The tremendous growth in the advertising industry, making it a multi-billion segment, has made photography a lucrative choice of thousands of aspiring photographers. However, the avid attraction to opt for freelance photography as a full-time career has made it extremely difficult to find photography gigs for your photography business.


If as a freelance photographer, you have a knack for photography and over the years of struggle have successfully honed your skills, then starting your own freelance photography business can be really easy and quick. Here we list out some of the excellent ways on how to earn money with photography this summer.

1. Grab Some Freelancing work: Do Photo Shoots for the Clients:

With Digital Advertising making an excellent move in the industry, freelance photographers are contributing much to the economy thereby earning decently.  Working as a freelance photographer can help you diversify your skills across different channels like the product, portrait, real estate, food, event, family, wedding, or even lifestyle photography. This brings enough exposure for photographers to enjoy incredible earnings in the industry space. Joining excellent freelance job boards like Upwork, Freelancer, and UEPAKI can really land you to incredible photography gigs.

Pro-Tip: You can make excellent money by joining freelance Job boards like Airbnb which has currently 208 openings for photographers in 57 countries.

2. Sell Your Prints:

What can be more excellent than getting your fine art featured on someone’s living room wall? With the market keeps on revolutionizing, everyone’s looking to create distinct looks for their restaurant, homes, corporate houses, and studios. This makes it difficult for Interior Designers, Decorators and Stylists to craft unique experiences for everyone. By working with quality Interior Designers, Home décor professionals, you can easily sell your photographs to the potential audience around you. With online marketplaces like Etsy, UEPAKI, you get the flexibility to sell digital prints that can fit any wall space or custom theme.

Pro-Tip: While submitting your art over to online marketplace and art galleries always share your top photographs and prints, as it will cost listing fee selling over online marketplaces. Also, don’t forget to avoid filming people in your photographs as otherwise, there will be a substantial chance to get rejected.

3. Offer Online Tutorials

For bloggers and professionals in travel space, this can be an excellent medium to share their expertise with the large audience available. For those who are excellent with their writing skills, this can turn an excellent source of income. Photography influencers can share their excellent tips, tricks, and techniques with the beginners. On the other side, bloggers can review various photography gears and software as per their expertise in the industry. You can even start your own YouTube channels and can make ample money.

4. Join Photo Contests

Participating in online photo contests can be really helpful in gaining the spotlight among a large crowd of photographers. It even creates a fine urge to enhance your technical skills thereby igniting the perfect sense of competition. Photographers participating in offline and online photography contests can earn potential rewards, certificates, internships, and prize money. You can even enjoy a fair chance to get partnered with some leading organizers and renowned professionals in the industry.

Online photography contests can even be beneficial in gaining traction among seniors in the industry as well. Some of the quality contests include Sony World Photography Awards, International Photo Awards, National Geographic Photographer Of The Year. Participating in an online contest can really help. For photographers who are looking to showcase their expertise to the world out there, participating in online contests like the one on UEPAKI, can really help you scale your photography business, build your name among renowned professionals, enter some top-notch events and enjoy potential earnings.

5. Pursue Club Photography:

For candidates who have a special love for event photography, night-clubs can be an excellent source of income. Partnering with some top nightclubs can help you gain access to the celebrity world as well. As the majority of the celebs keep on visiting such places over weekends, partnering with night clubs can be really beneficial. Also, the pay-out is really good as it's about promotions and advertising of the clubs over social channels. For the professionals who are looking to build an excellent portfolio club photography can be an excellent source for getting quality photography gigs for free.

6. Create an Online Portfolio:

Customers today are extremely choosy when looking to hire any online photography services. With the majority of customers trusting online aggregator marketplaces like ShaadiSaga, UrbanCompany, and UEPAKI, to hire quality photographers on account of secured payment gateways and 24*7 customer support channels. These platforms work as an excellent medium to build a quality portfolio that helps demonstrate creativity and expertise to a large potential audience.

At the same time, exhibiting an excellent online presence over social channels like Instagram & Facebook marks equally important. Creating an online portfolio over channels like Behance is also super beneficial and can help you get hired for excellent projects.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

With those who are unaware of the term, affiliate marketing is the art of making money by advertising company products or services. For every successful subscription and purchase, the affiliate earns a quality commission between 4-10% for his or her efforts. In the U.S more than 81% of businesses have already adopted affiliate marketing as one of their very effective sales strategies. By 2020, the affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to eclipse $8 billion marks, nearly double to that in 2015.

Joining an Affiliate program is really easy, just register with the business, generate your affiliate link, and share across all social channels. For the freelance photographers who are looking to enjoy great earnings, UEPAKI “Brand Promoter” Program is a really excellent and incredible program. The platform has other affiliate programs scheduled for the near future and joining it can really land you gain incredible insights into the Affiliate market. For better insights and knowledge about affiliate marketing read our article Excellent Tips to increase your sales with Affiliate Marketing in 2020.

9. Real Estate Photography:

Another great way to make some quality earning is Real Estate Photography. With the Architecture industry gaining major traction in the world, photographers can work with Interior Designers, Architects, Home Stylists, and Real Estate agents to get some photography gigs for their freelance photography business.

10. Assist Other Photographers:

For beginners who are looking to get hired for quality projects, assisting seniors in the industry can be the way. You can learn tricks and techniques, can gain quality experience, add it to your portfolio, and can earn a few bucks. Also, by assisting seniors you can build quality networking in your target market.

11. Network with other Seller Professionals:

Last but not least partnering with professionals in other industrial spaces like Fashion, Interior, Architecture, Beauty, and Graphic space can be really advantageous. You can earn referrals and recommendations on the one side and build industry connections on the other. Especially with Fashion Designers and Makeup Artists, there are huge chances to build strong and quality industry connections and take your freelance photography business to the next level.

Chapter1:  Creative Ways to Make Money as A Beginner Photographer

Chapter 2: Stunning Ways to Make Money as A Professional Photographer


So, these were some excellent ways how photographers make money in this competitive industry. However, in order to rise among your fellow competitors, we advise professionals to stay up-to-date with all the recent trends and techniques in the industry. Click on the article” 8 Excellent Ways to Stay Up to Date with Latest Trends in The Industry” to know some excellent ways you can keep yourself updated this 2020.

In case you have any other ways in your mind photographers can make nice money, feel free to share with us in the comment section below. We will definitely look to include it in our article. I hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. I will be happy to hear from you.

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