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Finding ways to Get Interned with Top Celebrity Professionals? Here Are Some Amazing Tips.

By: Sahil Mittal | Date : 03 Apr 2020 | Category : Business

Date : 2 years ago

Soon after the college days gets over, every student has to face a crossroad, where they have to either make their way, join already established brands or start their own freelance business. In either scenario, a candidate has to exhibit quality traits and potential skills, before the recruiter or to the audience through the desired portfolio. Especially for candidates in Fashion, Interior, Graphic, Architecture, Makeup or Photography space, getting a quality portfolio makes the most relevance thereby serving an important pillar of the kingdom.


In order to earn that desired portfolio, a student needs to integrate his theoretical knowledge attained over his classroom sessions with the practical exposure gained during the internship period. While joining established and prominent brands- offering paid internships, good infrastructure and classy lifestyle seems excellent, at the end of day majority of candidates find themselves end up compiling data or add a few bucks to the sale figures. Though getting interned with top celebrity professionals can help carve some real value, the majority of candidates don't find ways for how to find internship opportunities at the right time.

Today we list out some best internship sites that can really help to get you interned with top celebrity professionals in your industry.

1.Build Professional Networking in Events & Exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions work as an excellent medium to collaborate with seniors and celebrity professionals in your industry. Participating in events & exhibitions ignites the perfect sense of competition, thereby rewarding an astonishing experience over the course of life. Competition is always an integral part of our education system, thereby offering an excellent chance to candidates, gain substantial expertise, showcase skills, evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude.

Since a large number of celebrity experts participate in these events and exhibitions, it offers you a fair chance to represent your portfolio before them by initiating professional networking. Since the professionals have invested much in these events and exhibitions, they aggressively look to retain any talent & quality work beneficial for their business in their free time. By participating in these events, students get an excellent chance to get interned under top industry professionals and businesses.

2. Participate in Online Contests

With the market keeps on getting digitalized, education too has attained the growing online culture. This has then made it extremely easy for students to participate in online competitions held worldwide at the ease of their fingertips. Most of these competitions held worldwide are judged by top celebrity professionals in the industry. Participating in these online competitions is thus extremely beneficial when it comes to getting connected to seniors in the industry.

The professionals, on the other hand, are always in search of the right talent for their businesses to grow. Participating in online competitions like the one on UEPAKI can help you easily get interned or partnered with celebrity professionals in your industry. The best part about it, it is totally free for candidates who are in the field of manufacturing and design. Being an Online Aggregator Marketplace, it even allows you to earn incredibly big, competing professionals at the same time.

For those who aren’t clear what an online marketplace is check our article Ecommerce website vs Online Marketplace to understand the same.

3. Networking Within the College Campus:

Many of you will get the opportunity to land into the country’s finest colleges. Since the majority of celebrity professionals were a part of these colleges once, it rewards you with a fair chance to represent your portfolio before them through college networking channels. Always be prepared for this opportunity and regularly participate in all college events to get equipped with your professors, staff members, and sponsors. This will even increase your chance to get quality referrals and recommendations from your college staff.

4. Recommendations through Personal Networking

Maintaining influential industry connections can also help with healthy referrals and recommendations. Always grab any opportunity that can help you connect indirectly with these professionals. Typical examples can be the marketing managers, legal partners, talent hunters that can help you connect with your celebrity idols. Another great way you can connect with these professionals is through your previous clients, family members, friends, and relatives. With the people getting more and more devoted to professional networking across LinkedIn, Instagram, and other channels you can easily find people who share any kind of connection with these professionals.

5. Internships Boards

A very excellent way to get interned directly with these professionals is through online internship boards. These work as an excellent source to know about all the latest openings with these celebrity professionals. Some of the online internship boards even allow you to compare learning culture, training quality at these esteemed workplaces. For those who are not aware of the country’s leading online internship boards, checkout These 8 Excellent Websites to Find Internships in India.

6. Social Media

The digital revolution today has made it mandatory for every business to share a hefty online presence in order to remain competitive in the industry. With almost 4.54 billion people active internet users as of January 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population, the customer today value businesses that exhibit a strong online presence. Social media players like Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, work as an excellent source to connect with every class of professionals thereby showing your incredible work by making an online portfolio. Though with thousand of candidates copying other people’s work and designs, professional hardly gave a thought until you have a major social following over the marketplace. With the majority of these social platforms operating on paid channels now, it has become extremely difficult to rise organically on the platform thereby making a big hole in your pocket.

7. Professional Networking

Online professional social marketplaces like LinkedIn is highly useful for candidates who are looking to build professional networking with celebrity experts. Whether you are into manufacturing, technology, designing, advertising, or any other verticals, LinkedIn remains the top spot for professionals to exhibit an online presence. This provides an excellent opportunity for candidates to connect with HR professionals, marketing managers, and team members working with these big brands to network professionally. LinkedIn even keeps you updated with all the latest job openings and internships with various firms.

So, these were some best internship sites where you can find opportunities to get interned with celebrity professionals this year. We recommend candidates to start building their online presence right from the day one of their college tenures. Also, an online portfolio can be highly helpful in exhibiting your true potential across the large audience, mentors, seniors, and big brands. Also, check out Country’s Exclusive Online Marketplace “UEPAKI” which brings incredible opportunities for the nation’s young and dynamic professionals. The platform has a dedicated place for each of one you, thereby giving you a fair chance to rise among your industry vertical.

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