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Looking Out To Buy Expensive Gears for Your Photography Business. Checkout these Amazing Ways.

By: Charu Jain | Date : 04 May 2020 | Category : Photography

Date : 3 years ago

Starting your journey as a beginner photographer in a world where photography has been adopted as a prime choice by thousands of young aspirants is never easy. Especially when the art has become the fine means of sharing personal life experiences, capturing random memories, and making a hefty online presence. The recent growth in the advertising industry has made it extremely difficult for amateur photographers to make a stand in a highly competitive market.


As a beginner photographer, your primary objective is to find ways to earn some quality gears to start your amateur photography business. In the world, where making an online presence has become extremely important, a lot of business and freelance competitors are already enjoying the vast online presence over the internet space. This has made it extremely difficult for amateur photographers to make a living in such stiff competition around the world.

Here we list out few creative ways on how to earn money as a photographer to kickstart their freelance business.

1. Start Selling Stock Photos Online: 

Selling stock photos can be a good source of income especially for those who are in the starting phase of their career. With stock selling on numerous online website channels, you can apparently make enough money. All you need is to register with online websites like Shutterstock, Freepik, Canva, iStock, etc, and make money every time a user downloads your picture. Every website has its own selling policies, commission payouts, listing fee, etc, so do your part of research very aggressively before joining any marketplace. 

Pro-Tip: Make sure to have enough pictures available in your account with very fine print quality. You can use Wix, a very effective online tool to produce effective photos.

2. Host Photo Walks:

For people who are in their learning phase, this formula can help enjoy dual way earnings. By recommending travel enthusiasts beautiful locations and excellent spots for capturing some meaningful photos for their visit can help you earn a few bucks for your knowledge of the local area. Typically, you get a fair chance to learn a few techniques and photography insights working helping seniors in your industry.

3. Become a Second Shooter:

This method is applicable for the beginners who don’t have enough money in their pockets to buy expensive gears and took kit. By working as an assistant photographer with seniors and professionals in the industry, you can make some good income and learn important techniques and expertise in the industry. Some creative industries and segment where working as a second shooter can really help gain some major insights includes wedding, club events, corporate events, etc.

Pro-Tip: Networking is an important part of a freelance photographer career. While making a presence in any major event, never miss an opportunity to network with clients and businesses for your freelance photography business.

4. Product Photography

With eCommerce businesses capturing a major proportion of the online world, it has provided immense opportunities for photography enthusiasts to make money for their daily living. Freelance photographers can make ample money photographing products for sellers, resellers, and individual creators. With online E-Commerce channels accounting major portion of sales, sellers on these online channels have a day-to-day need to feature their products over these online channels. There are generally two types of online channels Ecommerce Websites and Online Marketplaces.

Pro-Tip: For photographers who are actually creative with their photography skills connecting with some major seller or designer-based marketplaces can be really effective to earn great earnings. Platforms like AzaFashions, Pernias-Pop-Up-Shop, UEPAKI, etc form a part of such online marketplaces. For beginners, a platform like UEPAKI forms a great deal since the platform has segment professionals as per their proficiency and expertise. We recommend photographers to go for long term tie-up and accordingly charge for their services. Since UEPAKI is Country’s first No-Paid Promotion platform this brings immense opportunities for you to rise with other sellers on the platforms.

5. Execute Tourist Photography:

With travelers following a major passion to capture their memories and share them across various social channels, this has created tourist photography a good medium to generate some major income for travel photographers. The tourist can be couples, foreigners, family, friends, etc, who are looking to capture their moments creatively with good gears. All you need to have is knowledge of beautiful locations, some creative photography skills and this can land you great travel photography gigs in your pocket.

6. Offer Editing and Re-Touching Jobs:

For beginners who keep on experimenting their creativity in innovating ready-made filters, editing, and re-touching can be a good job to earn a few bucks. Similarly, selling Lightroom presets and photoshop actions can be a great deal to showcase your dedication and skills to the potential audience out there.

So, these were some excellent ways for how to make money in photography. For photographers who believe to possess some advance superior skills, check out this stunning article listing advanced Ways for Professional Photographers to make enormous money this year. Also, check out some excellent ways to earn money for your Freelance Photography Business. We recommend professionals to stay updated with all the latest trends in the industry.

Chapter 1: Stunning Ways to Make Money as A Professional Photographer

Chapter 2: Excellent Ways to Make Money as A Freelance Photographer

Go through our another fine piece illustrating quick ways to “Stay Up to Date with Latest Trends in The Industry”. In case we missed out on any excellent way do let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely look to include it in our article. I hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. I will be happy to hear from you.

To make it a little more relevant, let us divide these ways as per the proficiency level of photographers. This will make it extremely easy for aspiring candidates to utilize these ways as per their experience and income horizon in the industry.


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