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Exploring ways to create a highly unique working portfolio? Checkout this amazing guide.

By: Charu Jain | Date : 04 May 2020 | Category : Interior & Architecture

Date : 2 years ago

For interior designers to stay competitive in this fast-growing digitalized world, exhibiting an online presence has evolved as an important market need. Whether you are a beginner interior designer who has just step in the designing world or a professional who is looking for some major clients in the industry, getting an interior design portfolio is a must.


With almost 4.54 billion people active internet users as of January 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population, the customer today value businesses that exhibit a strong online presence. The online world has though made life of interior designers way easy but at the same time has grown competition over leaps and bounds. With more than 3 billion searches over internet space, customers today are much more technically advanced than before.

Whether it’s about convincing any client, a big design firm, or selectors of your college, interior design portfolio serves as a great medium in exhibiting quality traits and skills. Even for getting potential clients for your business a designing portfolio work as a perfect tool to showcase your artistic designing and technical skills.

What Is an Interior Design Portfolio?

Broadly speaking an interior design portfolio is like any other traditional portfolio that helps interior designers share their journey in the form of projects and clientele over the years. It typically consists of design sketches, Auto Cads printouts, 3D prototypes, and digital photos of finished designs. With a design portfolio, it becomes extremely easy to showcase your true potential and expertise.

How to Create an Interior Design Student Portfolio?

As a beginner interior designer, it becomes extremely difficult to draft pieces during the start of your career. While making a design portfolio makes sense, a student due to lack of available opportunities and practical exposure hardly get any project to add to his or her portfolio. It is therefore advised to keep practicing and add any college assignment in your portfolio that shows your design skills. 

When drafting an interior design portfolio involve all prototypes you build during your college curriculum. Also take care that your portfolio should involve a variety of projects starting from residential, corporate, landscape to restoration if any. This will show your utter enthusiasm about designing and can easily impress potential employers and designers.

Excellent Tips to Create an Interior Design Student Portfolio with No Experience

Here we list some creative ways through which you can create a quality portfolio this year.

  1. Attach your resume at the very start of your portfolio mentioning all your academic qualifications and skills like Auto Cad/ ArchiCAD/ Revit, SketchUp, etc.
  2. Include the best of your college assignments, electrical drawings, CAD drawings, sketches, hand renderings, you drafted during your curriculum.
  3. Demonstrate a project detailing designs from the initial concept to the final design. Here you can show your first mood boards, Auto CAD Floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings, references if any.
  4. Your next project can be any designs drafted for your friends, family, or relatives. (At the start of your career, make sure to draft as many pieces as you can).
  5. If possible, network with some seniors of your college and try to gain some practical expertise by drafting some designs for free. Learn the principle ethics of the corporate world.
  6. Though it will be hard to get any corporate project during your early phase you can easily grab some residential projects which you can put up on your portfolio.

Here is a list of Best websites where you can find internships this year. Also, for those professionals who are looking to get interned with top professionals in the industry, check our excellent article that can help you gain some major advantage.

How to Create an Interior Design Portfolio With some Experience:

While designing an online portfolio for your clientele, always take care to choose the best designs of your work. In order to put out the best expression show end to end designs of one or two of your best projects in every interior vertical. This means showing your recent projects in residential, corporate, or landscape space. Always arrange the pieces in a fine manner thus exhibiting your design knowledge before prospective clients. Also, don’t forget to include the final pictures of your projects in your portfolio. Always hire quality photographers to show your work in the best possible way.

Excellent Tips To Create An Interior Design Portfolio with some Experience

Here we list some creative ways through which you can create a quality portfolio this year.

  1. List your skills earned over the course curriculum like Auto CAD/ Archi CAD/ Revit/ SketchUp 
  2. Select a variety of images and fine prints that showcase your design skills.
  3. Demonstrate a project detailing designs from the initial concept to the final design. Here you can show your first mood boards, Auto CAD Floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings, references if any.
  4. Your next project should be the best designs done for your potential clients in Residential, Commercial, Landscape, or Restoration space.
  5. Show end to end designs drafted for a major project catering to your client need. For e.g., if your client is looking for a project to get done in residential space, show him designs, prototype & final designs delivered as per your client requirement.
  6. Next, you must show your excellent team behind your success, detailing out their key expertise and skills.
  7. Also, include any certifications, testimonials, credentials earned during your course tenure.
  8. Add business cards and contact info at the end.

Since the majority of customers have moved to the online space, looking for quality interior designers over the web, we recommend professionals to design an online portfolio. Some of the renowned platforms include Behance, Design Pickle, UEPAKI, etc. that help you create a quality portfolio to clients and businesses around the world.