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Checkout These 8 Excellent Websites to Find Internships This Year

By: Charu Jain | Date : 02 Apr 2020 | Category : Business

Date : 3 years ago

Gone are the days when internships were just an ideal thing meant for summer vacations. Today, businesses when looking to retain quality talent & skills for their operations, value internships as one of the most important factors. With the competition increasing in leaps and bounds over these years, it has become extremely difficult for beginners to find quality internships for their career enhancement.


While companies today value internships as one of the very relevant factors in the assessment of individual traits and expertise, landing into businesses that can help you enhance your skills and have become significantly difficult. A majority of the firms deploy professionals in their sales funnel making it difficult for candidates to learn core skills.

Finding the right opportunities at the right time is always a battle. Thanks to the online webspace, which today made it possible, apply for thousands of opportunities sitting right at your home. But with every online job board claiming to be the first choice of every business, it has become extremely difficult to find ways for how to find internship opportunities at the right time. Here we list out six incredible job boards that are worth giving a try this year.

1. Internshala

India’s biggest Internship giant with more than 40000+ paid internships offered from more than 1200 companies, the platform caters to professionals in Engineering, MBA, Media, Law, Arts, and other relevant streams. Starting from early-stage start-ups to top MNC’s the platform is the favorite choice of every renowned platform.


The platform also lists our excellent training programs for IT and Marketing Professionals. Various courses in Digital Marketing, Ethical Hacking, and Web development are found as the top choice of thousands of aspirants. With Internshala, you even get a fair chance to represent yourself as your campus Brand Ambassador.

The procedure to apply for an internship is very simple, after signing up with the platform, just update a few details including your resume and get access to thousands of internships waiting for you.


2. LetsIntern

For those aspirants who find the urge to get employed under Country’s top-performing businesses, LetsIntern can be a perfect choice. The platform is the major center for internships from companies like Big Basket, Myntra, Tencent Game, Comic Con India, The Indian Express, and many other astounding organizations.


Every year, from top-performing companies to potential start-ups, everyone hires quality interns through LetsIntern for their core operations. The platform has approximated 3 lac opportunities listed from more than 22000 companies for more than 4 million students registered globally across its platform. For professionals looking for internship opportunities in Finance, IT, Marketing & operations of the platform can be an excellent choice.


India’s Exclusive Online Ecommerce Aggregator Marketplaces, that cater to candidates looking for internship opportunities in Fashion, Interior & Architects, Graphic & Art, MUA, Photography and Content Creation space. The platform brings fabulous opportunities for professionals looking to get interned under top celebrity professionals.


We know, a lot of you might be amazed, how an Online Marketplace can help you get recruit under industry veterans and renowned firms. Well, the marketplace “Live Organic Competition” will let students learn quality traits and skills from top industry professionals. Also, candidates get a fabulous chance to sell their designs, products to designers & customers on the platform, thereby earning during their college tenure.

Since candidates get a fair chance to perform among & compete among top industry professionals your chances to get interned & hired all depends on your performance on the platform.

4. Glassdoor

The platform is one of its own kind and allows current and former employees to review companies anonymously. For candidates who are looking to know about the work culture prevailing in any company, and curious to check its authenticity, Glassdoor can be a perfect choice. The platform even allows candidates to check offered salary, available opportunities withing any organization.


Candidates can even apply for relevant positions in interesting domains. The platform has more than 12 million listings on its platform, with 1 million employers around the globe. Every month more than 60 million candidates visit the platform to find suitable job and internship opportunities with the best companies.

5. LinkedIn

The Global Professional Networking platform is an excellent choice for those looking to connect socially and find excellent internships for their career. The global professional community allows professionals to connect with each other in a professional manner, thereby maintaining the work culture & ethics. The platform caters to aspirants either looking for internships or full- time jobs.


The best thing about the marketplace is candidates can find internships in almost all industry domains and can connect to their recruiting professionals. The platform has a major section devoted to the students and college graduates and can help them learn quality traits and skills for their career enhancement. The platform has more than 675 million users worldwide.

6. Indeed

The biggest Job-Site in the world that claims more than 25 million unique monthly visitors over its platform. It serves as an excellent choice for candidates who are looking to get interned under top MNC’s globally. The platform provides free access to candidates to browse jobs, post resumes, and research any company at the ease of their fingertips.


Like Glassdoor, the platform too provides add-on services like resume storage, salary comparisons, etc. The platform also provides employment-related news and trends, and user forums, which make it the most fascinating choice of millions of candidates around the world.

7. Twenty19

Another renowned platform that caters to the need of thousands of young aspirants to connect with potential start-ups and renowned businesses. Along with internships, the platform features excellent events dedicated to learning across the country. Students are even given the option to either buy or subscribe to online courses at the ease of their pockets.


For those candidates who are passionate about learning web development and digital marketing, the platform features excellent learning programs on its platform. The platform claims to have more than 7000 companies and 2 million students registered across its platform.

8. Angel List

The platform stays the top choice for the candidates who are pretty enthusiastic about working with excellent start-ups. The platform is a major hub for connecting with potential angel investors as well. The platform works efficiently towards its mission to democratize the investment process, and to help start-ups with their objective of fundraising and talent.


The platform mainly houses tech start-ups across its platform. Some of the renowned organizations like Tinder, Patreon, Twitch, Gusto, Yelp, and Medium frequently post their intern and job requirements on the platform. The platform even allows start-ups to crowdsource funds for its operations on the platform. This provides an excellent opportunity for the young candidates to partner with potential start-ups at their early phase of life.

So, these were some best internship sites where you can find amazing internships opportunities to enhance your career.  Also, we recommend candidates to always choose the firms & businesses that offer opportunities relating to your core expertise. Investing your time and efforts in fields other than your core expertise won’t benefit you in the long run and will definitely lead to loss of potential job opportunities in your near career.

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