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UEPAKI Live Design & Art Contest| A unique system for the promotion of the best!

By: Sahil Mittal | Date : 10 Sep 2019 | Category : Art

Date : 2 years ago

With so many businesses existing in the world, trying to define their own unique selling propositions, it becomes difficult for them to differentiate them from others. Online contests not only serve as an effective medium to mark their superiority but even give them a fair chance to prove their credibility and performance in the business world.


Digitalization has marked the presence of millions of businesses in the online world. It is estimated that there are about 20 million eCommerce companies around the entire globe. By the year 2021, eCommerce businesses are expected to make $4.5 trillion in sales in a year. As per Nasdaq, it is estimated that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce.

We know that there is no shortage of talent in India – some of the biggest names in all creative industries are Indians. Yet, we find the majority of our crowd operating in different parts of the world. The problem? The lack of an equal stage for all. With the online businesses infusing digital reservations in the form of sponsored ads and paid promotions, there is no fair competition to allow these designers and artists to reach a higher stage.

For design & art professionals who are looking for effective ways to rise among competitor’s businesses, online design contests can work as a very effective medium to showcase their true potential.  According to Statista, global online art sales amounted to approximately 4.64 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Online art sales are forecast to increase to a total of 9.32 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. This brings an amazing opportunity for artists around the world to participate in art competitions and showcase their creative skills.

We know a lot other of you are might be confused, how participating in online competitions can benefit you as potential design and art sellers. Today, we present some of the incredible benefits you can enjoy participating in online competitions.

1. Stand Out from Your Competitors:

Participating in online design contests helps in igniting a sense of competition that is very well needed in the business world. With online businesses incorporating sponsored ads and paid promotions as their very effective business strategies, this hasn’t left any space for designers & artists to rise organically.

With organic and fair online competitions, it not only offers an excellent medium for designers & artists to showcase their true potential and creative skills but even makes it accessible for them to stand out from their competitors.

2.  Promote yourself Among Your Community:

With Online art contest, professionals get a fair chance to showcase their artistry skills and promote themselves among their competitors and community members. This not only benefits you with potential stardom but your chance to make potential connections increases.

Getting connected with seniors and industry experts can help you scale your business and rise above your fellow competitors in the industry. Winning online competitions can even benefit you with quality referrals and recommendations from seniors and top professionals.

3. Win Potential Rewards:

Participating in online competitions can even help design & art professionals win excellent rewards in the form of prize money, certificates, awards, gift cards, etc. Even some of the organizations benefit from participation certificates that help in building a perfect portfolio

With such amazing benefits, it makes participating in online competitions much more fun and exciting. This creates that extra spark to rise above horizons and showcase your true artistic talent to the world. For e.g. Graphic logo designers get an excellent chance to participate in online logo contests and earn potential rewards at the end of each competition cycle.

4. Connect with Industry Experts:

It even brings a fair chance for each and every participant to get acquainted with industry professionals and experts. Connecting with industry experts and top professionals not only helps in adding valuable input to your creativity and knowledge but even benefits you with potential referrals and recommendations.

We recommend design & art professionals to not hesitate in connecting with seniors and professionals in your industry space. One of the very effective strategies is to regularly follow up their work and professionals accounts and whenever to get a chance try to introduce your design thoughts among them.

5. Add Value to Your Portfolio:

Your participation in the online competitions can help you add major value to your portfolio and CV. We know not every designer win participating in online designs contest but even participation can award you with qualifying participation certifications.

This even adds your exposure and experience in the industry, thereby making the crowd and followers value your struggle and hard work. Building your online portfolio can even benefit you with an increase in orders from potential customers and businesses. For design professionals who are looking to sell their designs effectively, here is a quick guide 6 Best Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Design Work Online in 2020.

6. Potential Orders & Income:

Participating in online competitions can even help you attained fame and success for your creative skills and artwork. Since the majority of these online marketplaces share a rich online presence over the internet and web, this increases your chances to get popularised among clients and customers around the world.

Online businesses through their organic and promotional reach then benefit you with potential sales and wider audience reach. This increases your chances to earn incredibly. For art professionals who are looking to sell their artwork online check out our article How to make money by selling your artwork online in India.

7. Introduce Your Design & Art Ideas:

For many art professionals who are looking to test their ideas to see the online responses, this works as an excellent opportunity. Online platforms not only help you enjoy a wider audience but their advance features let you analyze customer feedback and response to your artistry skills.

This then helps you improvise your skills as per your customer feedback and response. Sometimes, the interaction with your audience helps you ignite fantastic ideas for your next design & art project. This then adds an extra point for reasons to explore online platforms.

8.  Increased Brand Awareness:

Online platforms even help you build yourself a brand. With businesses promoting your name online and offline, it brings an excellent opportunity for freelance artists and designers to enjoy fair chances to brand their creative artwork.

Uepaki is one such platform, that gives artists a fair chance to brandify their artwork in their name. The platform has world 1st of its kind “A Live Competition Cycle” that operates totally on a “No Paid-Promotion” Policy.

9. Increased Followers for Your Brand:

When your art is displayed in front of millions of potentials fellow professionals, customers & audiences, this even help you gain potentials fans & followers for your business. These potential fans and followers can be anytime turned into potential customers for your businesses.

Having a large follower base even helps you in gaining absolute stardom and appraisal in your industry. We recommend Design & Art professionals to join online marketplaces where you can connect with potential audiences around the world.

10. More Sales Generation:

You might be wondering how participating in online competitions can benefit you with sales. But yes, with UEPAKI- Country’s Exclusive Ecommerce Marketplace- which is totally meant for design & art professionals, it becomes so easy to sell artwork along with participating in online Design Contests.

The platform not only brings an incredible opportunity for art sellers to sell their artwork to potential audiences around the world but even amaze sellers by connecting them with professionals in other industry verticals as well. This brings an excellent opportunity for art professionals to earn incredibly big. For more details click here.

 It's estimated that there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020. That's a lot of potential customers. In fact, with an estimated global population of 7.7 billion people, that's about 25 percent of the world's population shopping online. What’s more, this number is rising rapidly and is expected to hit a massive 2.14 billion people in 2021.

Online marketplaces offer incredible benefits when it comes to selling your artworks and fine pieces. For art professionals who are looking for a quick guide on places to sell their artwork, check out our article 5 Best Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Art & Crafts. Online marketplaces bring a plethora of benefits selling on their amazing marketplaces. To understand a few of them you can see 5 Incredible Benefits of Selling on Online Marketplaces.

Benefits of Participating in Online Marketplace UEPAKI!

Country’s sensational Ecommerce Marketplace UEPAKI benefits only the design & art creators. This doesn’t bring an opportunity for resellers and international brands to capture any space. The online platforms come with a plethora of benefits, a few of which are explained over here;

1. No Paid Promotions:

The platform totally operates on the “No-Paid Promotion” policy and this gives a fair chance to the young and dynamic creators to showcase their creativity and potential to the clients & businesses around the world. This means your visibility on the platform will depend on your potential and hard work rather than how much money you are going to invest in the marketing funnel.

2. Dual Earnings Methodology:

The platform has framed a fabulous Golden triangle for potential sellers on its platform. This brings an amazing opportunity for sellers across its platform to earn both from potential customers and sellers across its platform. For e.g. Graphic Designers including Illustrators and Sketchers on the platform can work with Interior Designers, Fashion Designers, and Makeup Artists.

3. Grow among community members:

Design & Art professionals even get a fabulous chance to grow among their community members through efficient networking framed between them. This is then possible through the live competition cycle, efficient blogging and other functionality available on the platform.

4. Unique System of Ratings: The Competition Cycle:

A transparent system of ratings designed to ensure that only the best designers and artists in each category get the highest amount of visibility. The Competition Cycle is a merit-based, unbiased stage. We want to equip our designers so that they are able to face real-life competition at the international level. For e.g. designers can participate in online logo contests.

How Competition Cycle Works:

Each cycle will last for a period of three months, where designers and artists will be scored on multiple aspects- from the creativity of their designs to the finished products that they deliver. Designers who enroll with us will be competing with other designers in their own categories and will subsequently be promoted to higher levels. After clearing a certain level, the various designers on the platform will also be able to participate in competitions held at a global level.

A single dedicated platform where you will be able to learn, grow, earn & attain fame. Covering every freelancing prospects this Exclusive platform aim to build jobs for freelancers in every presented domain. Thus, leaving no need to dedicate your time over other social marketplaces and invest your important time capturing the market.