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Quick ways to Learn Fashion Designing without Getting into a college

By: Sahil Mittal | Date : 04 May 2020 | Category : Fashion & Lifestyle

Date : 2 years ago

Not everyone gets the privilege to step into a design school and receive a chance to learn from the country’s finest. If we take a close look around the industry, we find the majority of designers in the industry making a huge career without stepping into a design college. Renowned fashion designers like Michael Kors & Ralph Lauren are the fine examples who started their journey from a retail store selling ties and fashion accessories.


Starting a design career without getting into a design college can be highly challenging and interesting at times. For those candidates who have major expertise with drawing and illustrations starting a journey as a beginner can be a little easy. When you are looking to start a career as a fresher always remember to gain hand-on experience with drafting sketches and making fine fashion illustrations.

Moving to your next set of design experiences, here we list out some quick and effective ways on how to become a fashion designer.

1. Learn about the history of fashion, designing and costuming

When starting out fresh always remember to learn quick facts about the design history related to costumes, pattern designing. Cover out the basics and build a fine understanding of ancient design trends especially dated back to ’20s, ’60s, and ’70s. Develop a fine understanding of silhouettes, fabrics, and color schemes. Perform proper analysis of how design culture evolved over time and try to identify how fashion designers come out with new ideas and trends.

2. Master the Design Process

One of the very important things fashion designers should lay their major emphasis on is learning the art to divide a project over several components. As a skilled designer, you have to master the design principles and learn the research skills before finalizing a complete collection around any particular theme.

A designer should always start by collecting raw data, understand the market needs, brainstorming, gathering feedback, and then concluding the final designs before proceeding them to get manufactured. If you are looking to start out fresh, that too as a freelancer remember you need to be fluent with every step of the design process, to nurture the vision to start your personal clothing line.

3. Build proficiency in Sketching & Illustration

In order to rise as a successful designer in the fashion industry, it is highly important to master the art of sketching, drawing, coloring, and drafting fashion illustrations. As a beginner in the industry always remember that creating a fine and appealing illustration is the utmost need when planning a beautiful collection for your next design collage.

Starting out a career in the fashion industry demands to build a nice creative portfolio that speaks your designing story on its own. As an aspiring designer, you should always focus on creating an appealing portfolio on some major online channels like Behance, Instagram, or Uepaki that can help you showcase your talent to the world out there. Starting out fresh the following are the three major verticals you should master your design skills around;

Figure Drawing

Learn the art to draw figures on a quality design paper. Always invest in quality sketchbooks, pencils, charcoals, and other art supplies. Look for some samples design figures over P-Interest or some major Instagram Hashtags, print them out, practice those designs until you get the art of drafting those sketches over the paper.

Figuring Clothes Over a Body Structure

When starting out quickly, figure out the art to draw clothes over a human body. Remember this can be really challenging at times since you don’t have any trainer to help you out. In order to make designs look realistic to learn the concepts of shading and depth. This you can easily learn by browsing some online YouTube videos or subscribing to online courses like that of Udemy or Alison.

Fashion Illustration

When done with the art to draw sketches, your next step is to fill them with colors. Always use high-quality watercolors, pastels, markers to bring designs to life. Investing in high-quality materials can help you depict the fine differences between different color codes and shades.

4. Learn Color Theory

Color plays a vital role in any form of designing and since fashion is all about colors and textures, you need to master the art of putting colors together. Choosing the fine colors as per the season, designs, skin texture of a person can increase your chances to get those designs to convert. Lay a major emphasis over the color theory when starting out on your own since you won't be finding a chance to get it with a design college.

5. Explore the world of Fabrics

While design and colors look the most important attributes of fashion apparel, choosing the right fabric plays the ultimate role. As a fashion designer, you need to be well acquainted with the various types of fabrics like satin, silk, twill, cotton, polyester, spandex, etc. Also, develop a major insight into a fine understanding of all the relevant metrics to a piece of fabric, like,

  • Fabric costs
  • Fabric Outsourcing
  • Fabric Quality
  • Fabric Blends
  • Fiber Composition
  • Fabric Breathability
  • Fabric Comfort, etc.

When dealing out with fabrics you have to be very sure while making fine choices. This can be a very tedious task if not learned properly and can lend you incur major losses for your design business. When dealing out with fabrics you will encounter major confusion in differentiating between fabrics that can wrinkle or fray more easily or the fabrics that need to be washed and dried. Gain a major knowledge about the fabric choices, which fabric should go with which fashion apparel and you can create a win-win situation. Like, when designing a bridal collection, you should opt either satin, charmeuse, or chiffon, or can even use a fine mixture of all. Develop these insights by learning major traits about each.

6. Study Garment Designing

In order to rise as a successful clothing designer, it is important to master the art of sewing. As a clothing designer making fine use of thread and needle can emerge as a demand anytime. When working with a team of embroidery crafters and sewing specialists, learning the art of pattern draping can work as a helping hand in major time.

A major way you can gain hands-on experience with the garment manufacture is to notice in-lining used in any clothing apparel. This way if you are competing a designer in casual or either ethnic wear, you can simply gain insight by looking at his or her designs.

7. Conceptualize Technical Designing

After getting a design finalized the next big thing you should be focusing on is flat sketches and tech packs. Flat sketches are the front and back layout of a garment. Always take care to show all necessary details like seams, hardware, and top-stitching before processing the final design to a manufacturing partner.

Also, update them with a detailed tech pack mentioning the detailed list of materials, colors, measurements, and labels to avoid any discrepancy in getting the final illustrated design manufactured.

8. Master Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

For designers to make a career in this highly competitive market, getting ascertained with the latest design software and techniques is a must. Mastering the efficient use of design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can help in rendering designs fast and quick. Developing some basic photoshop skills can help you out in doing some basic editing with design flats and tech packs.

This way you can test out multiple designs at your ease with a few clicks thus saving ample money and time with you.

9. Learn some basic Entrepreneur skills.

When looking to make a business gain some major traction in the industry, always remember that making a profit should be the ultimate goal rather than measuring your revenue. Majorly we encounter people doing this stupid mistake counting revenue as their decision-making metric.

While this shouldn’t be the case ever and as a beginner you should always looking to learn the traits that can help you master the operability of a business, thus making it possible for you to look after the production, sales, distribution, accounts and customer services on your own. Remember while you are starting out don’t just throw money for the sake of getting it successful rapidly.

10.  Adding Sustainability in your Designs

Yes, you heard it right. Sustainability is the rising market need and you will find most of the designers today creating appealing brands and labels promoting eco-friendly fabrics and materials that cause less harm to nature. Browse articles and blogs that can help you find solutions to waste pattern cutting, water wastage, and implicit foul-trade sourcing.

11.  Understand a customer requirement

One of the key traits to become successful in your career is the art to design apparel keeping in mind customer insights. Since customer perceives fashion as a beautiful way to express their inner desires and reflection, proceed designs after collecting customers do and don’ts. Always research your target audience in detail, learning about their lifestyle preferences, their spending capability in detail. This way it will become easy to sort out your target audience thus making it easy to earn customers for your business.

12. Getting Interned with a Professional Designer

When looking to get interned under a top design firm or a fashion house, always remember to design yourself an online portfolio. Since getting interned under top fashion brands requires an excellent portfolio, we recommend keeping your designs centered at a particular theme. This way you can reduce your chances to commit out mistakes being a beginner. Here is a list of top 10 online websites that’s can help you get interned with top MNC’s and industry professionals.

Final Tip:

So, these were some excellent ways you can master the art of fashion designing and can make your design studio a big success. Always remember to keep your design portfolio up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Since technology has gained major momentum and the majority of customers are looking for designers on online channels, designing an online portfolio on online channels like Instagram, Behance & Uepaki can really help in gaining major customers for your business. Since you are starting it fresh joining with an Ecommerce Aggregator like Uepaki can help you make a major presence among your competitors easily.